Cables are used to connect your pumps to your computer. There are several types of cable so you need to know what pump configuration you want to create.

There are cables for computer control, ttl input and output, reciprocating pumps.

You can purchase cables from your pump distributor or if you prefer, you can make your own cables too.


32 Connected Pumps

32 pumps - One SyringePumpPro installation How many pumps can be connected to a pump network? Can you connect to different pump models and brands? Most manufacturers support 100 pumps connected at the same time. I have never seen 100 pumps in the same room let alone connected together in a single network. [...]

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Electro-spinning – High Voltage Protection

The above diagram shows a layout for electro-spinning or electro-spraying. More details about the pump to PC interface cables. Whilst I talk about electro-spinning in this post, my comments apply to electro-spraying too. Taylor cone - Wikipedia Electro-spinners use a very high voltage up to 50kV (at a low current) to attract a [...]

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Continuous Infusion Pump Set and SyringePumpPro

Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System If one of your pumps is configured to be the master pump in a Special Application:Continuous Infusion/Dual Syringe Pump System it wont communicate with SyringePumpPro. This is because the master pump takes control of the serial connection to the slave pump via a special synchronization cable CBL-DUAL-3. This [...]

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Cole Parmer

Cole Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pumps are available in economical OEM-style for full computer control or with buttons and display models which are also fully computer control. OEM Pump The OEM-style pumps can be used on the bench with a PC running SyringePumpPro or embedded in an application specific device again controlled by SyringePumpPro. [...]

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Building a Pump Network

 If you have more than one pump, this article will show you what components you need to connect them together to your computer. It's contains a shopping list of components to order from your pump supplier. There are two 'levels' of connection that you need to get setup. The physical cables connecting your computer [...]

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Connection Check List

If you are having trouble making a connection to your pumps, here's a quick list of things to check. DON'T REINSTALL SyringePumpPro. Software re installation is most unlikely to fix your problem unless the installation has become corrupted. The pump(s) - powered on (Sorry - it happens) and connections secure? The cabling - plugs fully [...]

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