If you are having trouble making a connection to your pumps, here’s a quick list of things to check.

DON’T REINSTALL SyringePumpPro. Software re installation is most unlikely to fix your problem unless the installation has become corrupted.

  • The pump(s) – powered on (Sorry – it happens) and connections secure?
  • The cabling – plugs fully inserted – no damage to the wiring – or the little plastic locking clip on the rj connector?
  • The correct network cabling has been established.
  • USB-RS232 inserted fully, driver software loaded, Check what com port it is on – this is the com port you need to use in SyringePumpPro
  • Reboot Windows. Windows sometimes just needs to reboot.

Still nothing? – let’s dig a little deeper…

  • What COM port is the pump connected to?
  • In the configuration menu, what COM port is listed? (from the main menu – “Pump Network” | Configuration – then check the COM port list box.
  • If you are using a USB-RS232 (they are preferred) you might need help determining which com port your adapter is assigned. Here’s how to find out.
  • What baud rates are the pump and com port set on? Use your pump manually to query the pump from it’s control panel, and check this against the settings in SyringePumpPro.
  • What pump address is your pump programmed to? (00, 01, etc) (Placing the asterisk symbol (*) before any command will over-ride the pump address and allow you to communicate with a pump without knowing its address. To reset the pump address to 0, use the following command: *ADR0
  • Is your computer able to see other pumps on the COM port?
  • If you are using a USB-RS232 convertor- have you installed the driver software correctly? Follow the manufacturers instructions. Unplug/Replug the device to trigger final driver installation.

NOTE: The try version will detect and control one pump until the try period expires..

If you still don’t have any communication with one or more pumps, it’s time to consider that a connecting wire or your USB-RS232 has failed. Also, you can check this article for more troubleshooting techniques. Contact me for some help.