1 Pump


2 Pumps


3 Pumps


5 Pumps


6+ Pumps

  • License is for one computer connected to the number of pumps specified.

  • License key is not associated with any particular pump – pumps can be swapped.

  • License key for 6+ pumps will connect to 100 pumps in total.

  • You can connect any pump model or combination of models – syringe or peristaltic on a license key. See our supported pumps page.

  • Software delivery is by download. Licensed via email exchange.

  • You can purchase number of pump license upgrades at any time.

  • No automatic updates – can’t risk damaging in progress lab work or destroying months of scientific or production work. Manual updates – simply download and re-install when it suits your workflow.

  • License cannot be moved to another computer.

  • License key delivery is via email exchange.

  • Installation computer does not require an internet connection.

  • All major credit cards accepted, PayPal.

  • Shop will send a pdf invoice to your email address.

  • The 14 day try period is provided so that you may confirm the suitability of SyringePumpPro for your purpose. No Refunds.

  • I am the author – every one purchases it from me or a Distributor.

  • All sales are final.

Have you tried the software first?

What Payment Methods are Available?

During the check out process you will be asked to select which payment method you would prefer to use.

Major Credit Cards

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Paypal used to process your payment


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Bank Transfer

I can reluctantly accept purchase orders – but in practice I haven’t done so for a couple of years now.


To be blunt bank fees. When your institution transfers funds into my bank account I get hit with massive fees for currency conversion and believe it or not – my bank pays someone to write me a paper letter (and post it) to proudly announce that they have performed this on my behalf.  If the transaction fails for any reason – the cost to me is about $60 in fees – more than a single pump license. This whole old fashioned process takes at least 10 business days too.

About two years ago I started accepting purchase orders only with a $35 processing fee. Everybody now comes to my website with a credit card and I only get hit with about 4% fees. Transaction time is hours not days.

May 2017: Yesterday my bank announced a first quarter profit of $2Billion – mostly from an increase in fees. Yes – what you just thought.