32 NE-500 pumps connected to SyringePumpPro

32 pumps – One SyringePumpPro installation

How many pumps can be connected to a pump network? Can you connect to different pump models and brands?

Most manufacturers support 100 pumps connected at the same time. I have never seen 100 pumps in the same room let alone connected together in a single network. I imagine that’s something not many people have excluding the pump manufacturers.

A customer has sent me a picture of their installation. This is two workstations consisting of 16 OEM pumps each. All 32 pumps are connected to a single SyringePumpPro installation. These pumps are NE-500 pumps from New Era Pump Systems. These workstations are a prototype for a DNA testing device.

UPDATE: The prototype was successful and now they are building a working version of their device for sale!

How Many Pumps Is SyringePumpPro Tested With?

I have on hand twenty something pumps. During my software development work, I always use a number of pumps, typically 4 (really depends on bench space on the day) and a mix of pump manufacturers and pump models. I have some of the earliest models through to pumps that are less than a year old. I also have some fitted with the X and X2 upgrade software.

I rotate through my collection of pumps often attempting to be sure that SyringePumpPro remains compatible with all the pumps listed in my compatible pumps page. But think about the number of pump combinations and possible version differences that are possible in my collection!

How Many Pumps Is SyringePumpPro Designed to Work With?

From several years worth of software sales I now know that the most popular installation is for a single pump. After that the 2 and 3 pump licenses are the most popular, then followed by a 5 pump license. But the 6+ license or 100 pump cable licenses only sell a few times a year. So I target SyringePumpPro for 6 pumps, and it will display up to 100 pumps with scrolling. In development is the ability to resize the window and the component parts of the SyringePumpPro window – to even better accommodate those who use more than 6 pumps.