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a programming aid for Matlab and Labview

MyLabVIEW logo A lot of pumping applications use Matlab or ?abview as the control software. Why write ?abview? When I mean L   abview? Because they (>abview wrote to me and told me not to use their L ?abview trademark. I hope that's not true but perhaps consider this mentality when choosing tools [...]

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Two dependent gradient flows

Does SyringePumpPro do gradient flows? Does SyringePumpPro do dependent gradient flows? Gradient flows. gradient flows are not made by SyringePumpPro. They are made by the user programming the pump and then uploading those programs to the pumps. The uploading is achieved by using SyringePumpPro and my software shows what the pumps are doing whilst [...]

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Pump Programming Triggers

What is a Trigger? A trigger is something usually an electrical signal that is used to get a pump to change it's pumping action. Simplest example is the use of a foot switch on a manual production line. For example an ink cartridge re-filler. They pick up a print cartridge for filling, insert the filling [...]

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Programming Multi Pump Recipes

PPL File Sets A file set consists of a file for each pump and a master ppl file. Multiple pump file sets Continuing with the example, you would have a ppl file for each pump and for each recipe. If you had 6 recipes and 3 pumps, you would have 18 ppl files [...]

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Start Programming Your Pump

In the beginning, manually programming your pump and getting started writing pump programs is a challenge! The initial learning curve is high. So much to learn. There's plenty to learn about the programming language and how the pump operates. You just want to start getting results - now!  I can help you! Pump [...]

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Force and Pressure Measurement

Do you need to monitor the pressure in the syringe? Do you need to regulate the pressure? I am currently considering adding pressure monitoring and regulation to SyringePumpPro. I would be delighted to hear about your application's requirements. This would be achieved through the use of a load cell. I have already had interest from [...]

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What to try when 41 program steps run out

Programmable syringe pumps have a limited number of program steps. Basically they only have so much on board memory available. What are some techniques for growing past this limit? Sometimes your pump program grows and then grows and then grows and suddenly 41 steps becomes a limitation. This limitation is like colliding with a brick [...]

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