Cole ParmerCole Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pumps are available in economical OEM-style for full computer control or with buttons and display models which are also fully computer control.

OEM Pump

  • The OEM-style pumps can be used on the bench with a PC running SyringePumpPro or embedded in an application specific device again controlled by SyringePumpPro.
  • More than one pump can be daisy chained on to a  single computer’s RS-232 port and then be monitored, controlled or programmed via the SyringePumpPro software interface.
  • Power for the OEM pump is provided by a 12v, 1Amp power pack.
  • Pump has ttl level input and output pins. Real time control is possible at low control rates – rates suitable for fluid pumping.
  • When you unpack your new Cole Palmer pump and serial cable to control your pump you will find that you don’t get any software with the pump.Most people expect to get syringe pump driver software. SyringePumpPro is that syringe pump driver software and it’s sold separately – here.You can purchase SyringePumpPro from my online shop.
TSE Systems Model Image Manual Drawing Compatible
 EW-75900-00  Cole Parmer 75900_00 Yes


Cole Parmer 75900_50

6 syringe pump


These pumps work perfectly with SyringePumpPro – Try it for yourself.

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