OEM version of the NE-1000 or SyringeONE. Also known as the SyringeONE:OEM.

Article about the NE-500 pump family.

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New Era Pump Systems Inc

"The New Era Pump Systems, Inc. programmable syringe pumps provide an affordable solution to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications. Our syringe pumps offer the best value on the market by having high end features with unbelievable pricing. Features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options. By focusing on the [...]

Lovin’ your NE-500 Syringe Pump OEM

I thought I would put together a few words about NE-500 pumps and it’s cousins the NE-4500, and the variations of this pump that are available. These pumps are intended for OEM applications, that is to be built into newly designed equipment, and operated by software control only. They have no front panel display and [...]

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Do Commercial Pumps Cost Too Much?

Kent Genie Touch Screen Commercial laboratory pumps cost quite a lot - I know I have had to buy several for testing SyringePumpPro. I think there are about 12 pumps here. Your opinion on whether they cost too much is probably strongly determined by: your pumping requirements - a very simple on/off or [...]

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DIY Syringe Pump – Outrageous Claims

I fully support the clever people making open source syringe pumps. But I don't support some of their outrageous claims. Worse still nobody ever seems to challenge them. None of this page is intended to be an attack on any person or project - but some of these claims - WOW! If you wish to [...]

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32 Connected Pumps

32 pumps - One SyringePumpPro installation How many pumps can be connected to a pump network? Can you connect to different pump models and brands? Most manufacturers support 100 pumps connected at the same time. I have never seen 100 pumps in the same room let alone connected together in a single network. [...]

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