SyringePumpPro is a one person operation of 14+ years – so far. A fantastic thing about dealing with a one person company is that when you interact with SyringePumpPro, you are talking to the CEO/Software guy. If you need technical support, you’ll get a response from the one person who should know, can get you an answer, or can fix the problem for you!

My motivation to support you and create a solid product come from a desire to do a great job AND having bills to pay, and mouths to feed. No corporate zombies or call centers here!

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Products and Services

SyringePumpPro Software

SyringePumpProV1 is our current flagship product. It has been on sale now for 10+ years. Over this time there have been a lot of improvements.

SyringePumpPro21 is currently under development will be available in the near future. The next iteration of SyringePumpPro takes things to a new level.

During it’s life time, SyringePumpPro21 will support more operating systems, provide more user functionality and more language support. SPP21 development is driven by major forces:

All of that in my head is called experience. SyringePumpPro21 is going to benefit from a lot of years of experience!

Pump Programming Service

When you first get involved with pumps, there is a steep learning curve. Through my customer support I can see how this affects peoples progress in their science objectives. Sometimes the pumping outcomes are only a small part – perhaps a tiny part of the results that are to be obtained. Lastly with a smile I say – some pump users just don’t get programming.

I can help! Here’s how:

  • By interviewing you for your pumping needs,
  • I can write your pump code,
  • test it
  • and provide proof of those tests.
  • I provide an installer program so you can have your code loaded ready for use.
  • I also produce fully documented pump code with annotations that show you how to alter your pumping but in your context.
  • This gives you a very rapid start on your research with the ability to make your own changes in the pump program, following your works needs.
  • There is a considerable cost saving in your time (wages) and a quick jump to positive pumping results, that youy can fine tune as you refine your process.
  • Time saving in that I usually have your pumping program in your hands with in seven days!

Want to know more? Contact me and describe your pumping project.

About Me

The email I get from customers can be fascinating- ok some not so. Some of the fields that these pumps and my software are used in – it’s incredible – take a look!  I do this because it is fascinating and very motivating. You will an idea of the many area’s my software is employed in browsing my Who’s Using pages. It’s a list of notable business and educational institution around the world.

Previous Gigs

  • Defense Research Laboratories – software to collect and process experiment data. You know the sort of thing – lasers flying around labs, video processing – looking for fighter jets in the infrared spectrum, embedded software in a surveillance device, and so on.
  • Working for a local manufacturer of medicines.
  • Creating machine control software for a world leading manufacturer of transformer core making machines. Providing support for that software world wide.
  • Training – I was a senior lecturer in programming some years ago.

Question? Please ask

I get a fair bit of email, but I still have plenty of time to answer your questions about pumpspump programmingabout pump compatibility, your fluid flows – whatever I might be able to help you with. I’d like to think I offer amazing support and there are folks who agree. We have all experienced the other kind.

I would be delighted to hear about your syringe pump application, and any suggestions you may have for future versions of SyringePumpPro.

Tim Burgess CEO/Author