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As the author of SyringePumpPro products I have been involved with laboratory pumps for about 10 years now. My career spans electronics, avionics, programming, teaching, research and development laboratory experience, and even television.

Parts Of A Syringe

Part Name Definition  Plunger Flange The Plunger Flange bears the load of whatever is pushing the plunger. That might be your thumb or a syringe pump pusher block. The Plunger Flange is usually locked into the anti-siphon plate by the anti-siphon screw.  Plunger The shaft that connects the Plunger [...]

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Pump Programming Triggers

What is a Trigger? A trigger is something usually an electrical signal that is used to get a pump to change it's pumping action. Simplest example is the use of a foot switch on a manual production line. For example an ink cartridge re-filler. They pick up a print cartridge for filling, insert the filling [...]

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New Era Pump Systems Inc

"The New Era Pump Systems, Inc. programmable syringe pumps provide an affordable solution to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications. Our syringe pumps offer the best value on the market by having high end features with unbelievable pricing. Features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options. By focusing on the [...]

Parts Of A Syringe Pump

Diagram and brief explanation of a the parts of a syringe pump, and their purpose. Part Name Description and Purpose Anti-Siphon Plate Adjustment Knob Finger screws are used to tighten the anti siphon plate against the syringe's plunger flange. End Plate Provides mechanical support for the guide rods [...]

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Front Panel Controls

This page introduces you to the front panel controls on your pump. If you have an OEM pump, there will be no controls on the front panel and you can only control the pump from a computer, using a terminal application or SyringePumpPro. Pumps with front panel controls can [...]

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Programming Multi Pump Recipes

PPL File Sets A file set consists of a file for each pump and a master ppl file. Multiple pump file sets Continuing with the example, you would have a ppl file for each pump and for each recipe. If you had 6 recipes and 3 pumps, you would have 18 ppl files [...]

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