Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System

Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System

If one of your pumps is configured to be the master pump in a Special Application:Continuous Infusion/Dual Syringe Pump System it wont communicate with SyringePumpPro.

This is because the master pump takes control of the serial connection to the slave pump via a special synchronization cable CBL-DUAL-3. This is intended for situations where the pumps are not going to be used with SyringePumpPro.

If you purchased a dual pump set and you wish to use SyringePumpPro to control both pumps, you need to:

  • Disconnect the special dual pump communications cable from both pumps.
  • Reset the pump that’s configured to the be master pump – this removes the special communications configuration and returns it to standard.
  • Use the standard pump communications cables see this diagram

But how do you retain the dual pump / continuous infusion function?

Use the ttl pump synchronization cable CBL-TTL-1, and code your synchronization into your pump program. This way you get full control of the pumps and SyringePumpPro helping you to monitor and program your pumps.


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