Pump connected to a computer

Pump connected to a computer

I am having trouble connecting to my pump.  I do see the occasional situation arise like this, and they all end up working.

Try this simple troubleshooting procedure:

1. Disconnect the pump from the computer, and it’s power source brilliant_database_disconnect_32
2. Remove the USB-RS232 device from the computer – if your using one – you should be.
3. Shut the computer down
4. If you feel the need open a window and yell
5. It’s important that you take a several minute break here – because it takes some of those USB rs232 devices a few minutes to power down properly. Coffee break! brilliant_general_clock_32

Take a deep breath and:

  • Forget that it was working
  • Forget what you have done
  • Adopt the artificial point of view that this is the first time you have connected the pump and the computer.

I say this because most of these scenarios seem to include folks saying but I did ….. and in the end clearly they cant have done ….. or it would have worked. It’s a mental block that the hardware doesn’t share with us humans.

Ok – let the rebuild begin.

1. Power up the pump with power only connected,.
2. Issue a reset command to the pump. How to reset your pump.
3. Turn on your computer.
4. Plug in the USB-RS232 device keep an eye out for Windows saying it has detected the hardware. Ttry using a different USB port – it can help – it shouldn’t make a difference – but it does. brilliant_database_connect_32
5. Inspect the pump communications cable carefully – these seem to become unreliable. Some cables are not wired correctly – try to compare the colors and the connections in both of your cables. Wouldn’t be the first time some has bought a new cable and it’s wired wrong for our application, and at the same time the original cable is faulty.
6. Connect the cable between the pump and the USB-RS232 device. Make sure you connect to the socket marked computer on the pump’s rear panel.


7. Launch SyringePumpPro…. it should connect automatically at this point. If it doesn’t you can try the Pump Network -> Discover Pumps – but I suspect that wont work. But I would like to be told I am wrong. :-)

If this hasn’t worked you really should contact me and let me help you work this out

Other things to try:

Sometimes it’s a hardware failure with the USBRS232 device, but most often it’s the cable to the pumps or um…. operator being all thumbs. :-)

  • brilliant_networking_lan_cable_48The most common problem is that the wires/cables/connectors are bad or not making good contact.  Please check all the cables and connectors.
  • If you are using a USB to rs232 device, ensure that the driver is installed on your computer, then restart the program.
  • Make sure your pump (or one pump on the pump network) is set to address 0.  (This is set as the default from the factory)
  • Ensure that the pump baud and the program baud rates are the same
  • If you have more than one pump on the network, please ensure only one has address 0. It would be better to connect only one pump initially and get that working.
  • Will reinstalling SyringePumpPro resolve my issue? No probably not. It won’t hurt anything if you try this, but I have not had anyone fix and installation. You won’t need a new license key either – if your using the same computer.

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