We’ve been using various syringe/peristaltic pumps of yours for years now and now rely pretty heavily on SyringePumpPro for automation purposes.

Aaron S., Lonza

You have been so prompt and helpful. Thank you!


Thank you. Yes it works; and thank you for keeping in touch; I love to communicate with you too as a nice technologist who wishes to keep friendly/technically relationship with his clients.


I just wanted to give you a big thanks for all the help over the summer. We have figured out our issues and I am even able to take what you have given us and add upon it, which is great for our purposes. So Thanks again for your patience and in the future I will gladly recommend you for pump programming.

Matthew M. Ali, Visiting Scientist, Bucknell University

We truly appreciate all the help and advice that you have given us on this project the past few weeks. Your diligence in responding to emails and aiding with the software show how much you care about your work and you care about the success for others.

Justice Onwordi, Oregon Research Institute

Finally I can start playing with the pump! Thank you very much, your help has been fundamental! All the best,

Fabrizio NCS Lab

Thank you very much for all your help, you’re a saint!

Matthew Ali, Visiting Scientist, Bucknell University

Thank you very much for your prompt and very complete reply! I really appreciate the thorough explanation.

Thanks so much for your help. Your programme is super user friendly so I think this will be what we go for in the end :)

Niamh Kilcawley

Hi Tim,
I have made the RJ11 – DB 9 and pump sync cables from your blog and they worked. Thank you for the great blog. It saved me 10,000 rupees!. ($USD150)

Vamsi Krishna C

Thank you for providing the software and good service!

Alex Taylor — Product Design Engineer, Blount International
Thank you so much for all your help! The syringes work like an orchestra!! And I loved the customer support! I know I can contact you any time I have any more questions!
Evanthia Fylaktou, Medtronic
It was a pleasure to be in touch with you, you were very helpful and helped me a lot during the installation process and after that. Kind regards and thank you very much for all your support.
Laura Corcoles
This morning I find your email. SyringePumpPro installed swiftly, and without a hitch. I checked comm settings, left as default, and when I closed it, viola, communicating. Nice.
Andrew Keightely, MBB
Thanks so much for your response! I was able to get both pumps detected. Hooray!! Mechanical Engineer
Allison Dillawn, Plexus
We are running solution coating experiments and the trial version of the software has been working for us just fine. Thanks for your great software! (purchased a license)
Huawei Zhou
Especially we are very very grateful to Mr. Burgess for his technical support and his kindness to answer all of Renee’s questions. Thank you very much for your time and great customer support, we really appreciate this.
Mihai Vintiloiu
This is the most thorough reply I have ever received in regards to a question. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I look forward to playing with the software and pumps when I am in the office on Monday.
Chris Holmes
we are all setup! I am stoked to use the product, as the free trial has already been a good demonstration of its ease of use and potency.
Mark Smith
We will let you know if we encounter any issues setting up the software, but it looks like you’ve provided a complete instruction set here. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm!
Brandon Boss
I am a PhD student working in the field of molecular biology and stem cell therapies. The syringe pump is to be used for producing biocompatible nanofibres to support cell growth.
Saliya Gurusinghe
Thanks Tim We keep growing and your program is at the heart of our prototypes.
Assistant Professor Jason Hein, University of California, Merced
Thanks for everything, it has been nice have the fast comunication, and the will to solve the problem that you show us. Regards
Eduardo Norambuena
We purchased your SyringePumpPro software a couple years ago from you and use it on a daily basis, it works great!
Karen Havenstrite, Ocular Dynamics
Very much appreciated, you have saved me a lot of hassle this morning. I use the pump program in conjunction with a microfluidic system used for the detection of cancer biomarkers. This software allows me to automate the injection and washing steps, for which it works quite well. I have programs coded in PPL and they load and run as desired. I will send you future publications with the software in use.
Conan Mercer, School of Chemistry & Ryan Institute
I should say you are a super nice programmer. Though I never met and knew you, I can feel that you are a great person with patient, enthusiasm, diligence and intelligence. Many thanks for your help!
Xiaoyan Sun, University of Queensland
Following an overnight bug fix: Thank you for the prompt remedy. Thanks a ton for your support. We have never had such a great customer service/support like you gave.
Hemant Vishwasrao, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Thank you for your consistent support on this. It allowed me to at least eliminate a number of other factors that I could have went off chasing. I will definitely keep in touch.
Weldon Hall, Sano
I am making progress reading your manual which is very comprehensible for a beginner like me. … it has been an absolute pleasure to have such a great support. Will stay in touch.
Elena Stavenschi, University of Limerick, Ireland
The cables came in today and I didnt even have to click ‘discover pump’ for the pump to get listed on the window 🙂 Yay! Yeah, I ll definitely keep you posted. Really looking forward to actually using the SyringePumpPro.
Greeshma Mohan
Just a quick follow up – I managed to actually get the syringe pump up and running – your instructions were fantastic to be honest (I am a good test – if I can follow them, then anyone can).
Damien O Halloran, Senior Product Development Engineer
I may crib your sign off “Deep breath – think happy thoughts – now to the fight!” That’s pretty outstanding! This is an amazingly comprehensive list of instructions… Thank you, for all your assistance so far! Thanks for all of the help! Thanks again for a great product!
Daniel J. Peirano, Graduate Student, University of California, Davis
Good News! Problem is fixed after I replaced the old adaptor. You have been more than helpful in this process. Couldn’t have done this without you :D
Peyer Yao
Things are looking good as far as working with the spreadsheet and pushing the file to the pump via your app. Thanks for all the help.
Mike Maliska, Automation Engineer, CA Technologies Milford, Massachusetts
You are a life saver! 🙂Thank you. I will share the news with my team.
Kesha Patel
Thanks Tim! Thanks for putting that together for us.
Paul Cook, Ocular Dynamics
Thank you very much for your detailed instructions and very very quick response. Your support is incredibly great !
Dan Berdovich, Micro Measurement Laboratories, Inc.
As for the software, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m ordering a license shortly. Thanks for the great software.
Benjamin Grant, Department of Bioengineering: McDevitt Lab
thank you so much for this tip – I was able to connect one of my autosamplers to the syringe and thus to your program – GREAT!! Your fast answer helped me a lot!! I am now routinously and happily using your software with my three pumps here in Austria…
Christian Stanetty
I have been stumbling around the internet for weeks now trying to figure out the best way to do this and your explanation clarified everything. Thank you! Thank you again – this was incredibly helpful! Your explanation was absolutely perfect.
Brianna Sleezer