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Can SyringePumpPro control your DIY syringe pump?

Above photo from Open Syringe Pump If you build your own syringe pump - can SyringePumpPro control it? To command pumps, SyringePumpPro sends ASCII commands over an RS232 connection to the controller inside laboratory and OEM pumps. For example, to get the pump to infuse 750mls per hour the command sent to the pump would be [...]

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Software for your Chemyx Syringe Pump SyringePumpPro doesn't currently support the Chemyx programmable pumps. I have a few example Chemyx pumps here and hope to add support for them in the near future. If you would like to see Chemyx support by Syringe Pump Pro, contact me. The more requests I get the higher priority [...]

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Operate an OEM pump without buttons or display?

Here in Australia we play while the rest of the worlds sleeps, or so it would seem. When I get up in the morning the second thing I do is read my email. First thing? This is when I get customers and potential customers asking questions. Questions about applications and problems. On of today's [...]

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DIY Syringe Pump – Outrageous Claims

I fully support the clever people making open source syringe pumps. But I don't support some of their outrageous claims. Worse still nobody ever seems to challenge them. None of this page is intended to be an attack on any person or project - but some of these claims - WOW! If you wish to [...]

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TTL Inputs and Outputs

TTL Ports - Button Pumps Pump TTL Db9 Connector On the normal button/display pumps or bench pumps, the ttl output ports are available on the DB9 connector on the rear panel. This connector is not the RS-232 port! The following chart shows the pin input and output assignment. Db9 TTL Pin [...]

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How To Reset a Pump

Key Pad Models Turn the pump off Hold the right most arrow key down Whilst holding the arrow key down, turn the power on and keep holding the arrow key down for 5 seconds. Release the arrow key. OEM Models - Button/Display less Note the following [...]

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How do you lock your pump programs

If you want to prevent operators from changing pump programs accidentally... are you using the best pump for your applicatoin. Button pumps are meant for programming and control. In a production environment with operators, you might want to choose button-less or OEM pumps. I have entered the program in the pump, but I am unable [...]

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