Application Notes

Posts about pumping applications. How to interface pumps with microscopes, and other devices. Tips on how to work with pumps in the area containing a MRI machine would be a fine example of an article here.

Application Notes – Start by reading this

This section is titled Application Notes. As folks all over the world download and purchase my software - they come back to me and ask for specific help with their pump's application. I also build pumping applications for $. All of this means I am collecting some very useful tips and tricks for different applications [...]

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Connecting Microscopes and Pumps

Microscopes Controlling Your Pump - How do you do that? This application note is for microscope owners who wish to pump fluids under the control of their microscopes. There are a number of reasons they wish to irrigate slides ranging from simply wetting their sample over time, applying solutions whilst they observe the effect on [...]

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Electro-spinning – High Voltage Protection

The above diagram shows a layout for electro-spinning or electro-spraying. More details about the pump to PC interface cables. Whilst I talk about electro-spinning in this post, my comments apply to electro-spraying too. Taylor cone - Wikipedia Electro-spinners use a very high voltage up to 50kV (at a low current) to attract a [...]

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