Home cables

Cables are used to connect your pumps to your computer. There are several types of cable so you need to know what pump configuration you want to create.

There are cables for computer control, ttl input and output, reciprocating pumps.

You can purchase cables from your pump distributor or if you prefer, you can make your own cables too.


Multiple Pumps – Synchronization

Good/Bad - Um? Depends what your looking for. I'd prefer simple sync and complex sync. The master ppl file setup - I love. Each pump's code is a separate file - that's great programming technique. Makes it easy to test each ppl file separately. Multiple pump file sets Syncing - Simple syncing is [...]

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Target computer has no internet connection

There are a lot of lab computers, computers in factories, and some in secure facilities, and even super secret facilities, that don't have an internet connection. There are a lot of computers that deal with information or processes that simply cannot take the risk of infection, or interruption by 3rd parties. This is a very [...]

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How to power your pumps – DIY

How do you power your pumps? Every now and then I get an email from someone who has been handed a pump to use in a project with no cables and no powerpack. The powerpack's are generic 12V units and as such often get redeployed to somewhere else. Leaving their pump behind. So what [...]

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Connecting Microscopes and Pumps

Microscopes Controlling Your Pump - How do you do that? This application note is for microscope owners who wish to pump fluids under the control of their microscopes. There are a number of reasons they wish to irrigate slides ranging from simply wetting their sample over time, applying solutions whilst they observe the effect on [...]

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How far away can pumps be from the computer?

Often pumps and the computer controlling them need to be separated by some distance. This is found in a lot of applications where operator safety is a concern and the operators have to be remotely located. The standard RS-232 connection trades communication rates for length of cable. The RS-232 connection is technically capable of [...]

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Pump Network Parts List

What cables and things do your need to connect your pumps to your computer? Here's the items you need. When one or more pumps are connected to your computer, we refer to the interconnecting cabling and USB-RS232 adapter as a pump network. Are you trying to figure out what cables you need to connect [...]

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There are several cables that go with your pumps. The following table is a list of all the cables, their part numbers and their description and usage. Are you looking to make your own pump cables? Are you trying to figure out what cables you need to connect your pumps to your PC? Are you [...]

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More than one pump at a time

32 pumps one SyringePumpPro I am often asked Can you connect more than one pump? Can you mix manufacturers? Can you mix pump models? Can you mix syringe with peristaltic pumps? Can you connect more than one pump at a time? This photo is my answer - yes up to 100 pumps at [...]

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