ttl level signals – pump output to control external devices, pump input to control pump behavior

Connecting Microscopes and Pumps

Microscopes Controlling Your Pump - How do you do that? This application note is for microscope owners who wish to pump fluids under the control of their microscopes. There are a number of reasons they wish to irrigate slides ranging from simply wetting their sample over time, applying solutions whilst they observe the effect on [...]

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Continuous Infusion Pump Set and SyringePumpPro

Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System If one of your pumps is configured to be the master pump in a Special Application:Continuous Infusion/Dual Syringe Pump System it wont communicate with SyringePumpPro. This is because the master pump takes control of the serial connection to the slave pump via a special synchronization cable CBL-DUAL-3. This [...]

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Cole Parmer

Cole Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pumps are available in economical OEM-style for full computer control or with buttons and display models which are also fully computer control. OEM Pump The OEM-style pumps can be used on the bench with a PC running SyringePumpPro or embedded in an application specific device again controlled by SyringePumpPro. [...]

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Connection Check List

If you are having trouble making a connection to your pumps, here's a quick list of things to check. DON'T REINSTALL SyringePumpPro. Software re installation is most unlikely to fix your problem unless the installation has become corrupted. The pump(s) - powered on (Sorry - it happens) and connections secure? The cabling - plugs fully [...]

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