What cables and things do your need to connect your pumps to your computer? Here’s the items you need.

When one or more pumps are connected to your computer, we refer to the interconnecting cabling and USB-RS232 adapter as a pump network.

What parts do you need to build your pump network?

One or More Pumps? Different manufacturers? Different Models?

Study this diagram:

  • If you have a single pump, you only need the parts from the computer to the first pump. CBL-USB232 and a CBL-PC-PUMP-7
  • If you have multiple pumps, you need to buy all the parts up to the first pump and then a CBL-NET-7 Pump-to-Pump Secondary Network Cable for the number of pumps you have minus 1. You already have connected the first pump with the CBL-NET-7.
  • Remember you can mix models and brands of compatible pumps.

Print this diagram for reference whilst you order cables and leave it with your pumps as documentation on how to make your pump network.

Table of Cables

Part Number



RS-232 to USB Converter


  • Adds RS-232 serial port to your computer. Connect to a USB port on your computer.
  • Attaches to cable CBL-PC-PUMP-7

Pump-to-PC RS-232 Primary Network Cable

CBL-PC-PUMP-7 (7 ft. cable)

CBL-PC-PUMP-25 (25 ft. cable)

  • DB-9 adapter connects to 9-pin serial port provided by CBL-USB232
  • RJ11 connector connects to first pump – “To Computer” socket

Secondary Network Cable

CBL-NET-7 (7 ft. cable)

CBL-NET-25 (25 ft. cable)

  • Allows networking of two or more pumps or other device to a single computer
  • Frst pump to be connected with primary network cable
secondary cable

See our Cables Page for a list of all cables and their application

Where to Buy Cables?

These parts are available from your pump distributor. If you don’t know who your distributor is you can search our distributors by country they serve here. Or you can go to the manufacturer New Era Pump Systems cables page and then on to their online shop.

Do you have a CBL-DUAL-3?



That is for connecting dual pumps on their own without computer control. Don’t use this cable to make a pump network – it wont work. Read more about Dual Pump Sets.