How To Factory Reset a Pump

Key Pad Models Turn the pump off Hold the right most arrow key down Whilst holding the arrow key down, turn the power on and keep holding the arrow key down for 5 seconds. Release the arrow key. OEM Models - Button/Display less Note the following [...]

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Connection Check List

If you are having trouble making a connection to your pumps, here's a quick list of things to check. DON'T REINSTALL SyringePumpPro. Software re installation is most unlikely to fix your problem unless the installation has become corrupted. The pump(s) - powered on (Sorry - it happens) and connections secure? The cabling - plugs fully [...]

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Connection Troubleshooting

Pump connected to a computer I am having trouble connecting to my pump.  I do see the occasional situation arise like this, and they all end up working. Try this simple troubleshooting procedure: 1. Disconnect the pump from the computer, and it's power source 2. Remove the USB-RS232 device from the computer - [...]

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