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Electro-spinning – High Voltage Protection

The above diagram shows a layout for electro-spinning or electro-spraying. More details about the pump to PC interface cables. Whilst I talk about electro-spinning in this post, my comments apply to electro-spraying too. Taylor cone - Wikipedia Electro-spinners use a very high voltage up to 50kV (at a low current) to attract a [...]

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Peristaltic Precision update

Just released today SyringePumpPro Peristaltic Precision update to support the release last week of New Era Pump Systems updated NE9000. The new Green head offers slower and finer flows and is now supported by SyringePumpPro. This is a free update for all owners of SyringePumpPro. Try users may install this update and receive a further [...]

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August 2017 Protea releases new website - no longer mentions syringe pumps - have they dropped their line of pumps? We have drawings and manuals for those who are still using those pumps. Protea's Programmable Single Syringe Pump is a versatile syringe pump platform that enables the investigator to perform simple infusions or implement [...]

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Stoelting Programmable Pumps

When Chicago Laboratory Supply and Scale Company was founded in 1886, few could have predicted that nearly 120 years and one name change later, it would still be supplying the world’s scientists with the highest-quality instruments available. Several models of the Stoelting Programmable Pump range are controllable by SyringePumpPro. Model Image Manual [...]

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Cole Parmer

Cole Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pumps are available in economical OEM-style for full computer control or with buttons and display models which are also fully computer control. OEM Pump The OEM-style pumps can be used on the bench with a PC running SyringePumpPro or embedded in an application specific device again controlled by SyringePumpPro. [...]

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Building a Pump Network

 If you have more than one pump, this article will show you what components you need to connect them together to your computer. It's contains a shopping list of components to order from your pump supplier. There are two 'levels' of connection that you need to get setup. The physical cables connecting your computer [...]

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Connection Troubleshooting

Pump connected to a computer I am having trouble connecting to my pump.  I do see the occasional situation arise like this, and they all end up working. Try this simple troubleshooting procedure: 1. Disconnect the pump from the computer, and it's power source 2. Remove the USB-RS232 device from the computer - [...]

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