August 2017
Protea releases new website – no longer mentions syringe pumps – have they dropped their line of pumps? We have drawings and manuals for those who are still using those pumps.

Protea’s Programmable Single Syringe Pump is a versatile syringe pump platform that enables the investigator to perform simple infusions or implement a complex automated dispensing system. The Programmable Single Syringe Pump has dual function infusion or withdrawal operations, and it can be used with a wide variety of syringes from 0. 5 uL to 60 mL capacity. The PM-1000-1 can be programmed by either the easy-to-use keypad interface or by computer control through the RS-232 interface.

Protea is a leader in the emerging field of Bioanalytics. The company develops new technology for the identification, characterization, and quantitation of biologically-important molecules for basic research, pharmaceutical development, and diagnostic applications.

Model Image Manual Drawing Compatible
 PM-1000-1 Protea PM-1000 Yes

Pump Manuals

NE-1000 Syringe Pump User Manual

Covers basic and advanced operating of the NE-1000 pump. There are detailed  sections on operating the pump, programming the pump, and RS-232 commands. It may be generally used for all New Era Pump Systems Pumps in conjunction with model specific addendum sheets and model specific Rates and Specification sheets.

Aladdin Dual Pump User Manual

User guide for the Aladdin Dual syringe pump.

These pumps work perfectly with SyringePumpPro – Try it for yourself.

Pre-loved Protea pumps on ebay – Buyer Beware!