Occasionally I get a report like this:

I cannot change any of the settings on the pump. I go to the quick change area and change one of the fields and click on the button, everything reverts to the default. The pump works, I can make it start, pause, and stop all day, just can’t change anything.Re-install?

As a general rule re installing never fixes anything – it’s a rare day when it does.

I think your seeing something that’s working well and it’s not what you expected. I have discussed this very thing with the pump designer/manufacturer.

You cannot change the pumping rates whilst the pump is pumping.

Additionally you can only change pump rates and or volumes when the pump is stopped in a RAT phase.

If the pump is in another function – the rate and volume information doesn’t make any sense to the pump.

This is a design feature of the pumps.

So if you are setting the pump to run, and then trying to change rates whilst it’s running – what you are seeing is the pump ignoring the request to change rates, and then SyringePumpPro updating it’s displays to faithfully report what the pump says it is doing.

This creates the effect you are seeing – that you can change settings but then they change back a second or two later. If this sounds like the problem you are experiencing – it’s not a problem it’s working fine – but not doing what you expected/wanted.

You can confirm this by stopping the pump and then changing the settings – they stay changed.

There are some people who would like the ability to change the rates on the ‘move’. I would be interested in hearing if you want/need this feature, and perhaps a little more information on your application or why – not because I want you to justify your use.

About 5% of my customers encounter this and express a desire to have the feature – and it’s on my todo list. Most importantly the pump manufacturer wants the feature! But it means I will have to stop the pump, change the rate and then start the pump – and that may have application implementations – which is why I am asking for more information about your application.


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