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Stoelting Programmable Pumps

StoeltingWhen Chicago Laboratory Supply and Scale Company was founded in 1886, few could have predicted that nearly 120 years and one name change later, it would still be supplying the world’s scientists with the highest-quality instruments available.

Several models of the Stoelting Programmable Pump range are controllable by SyringePumpPro.

 53130 Stoelting

53130V Stoelting

 Stoelting 53130Yes
53140 Stoelting 6
Syringe Programmable
53140V Stoelting 6
Syringe Programmable
53150 Stoelting 8
Syringe Programmable
53150V Stoelting 8
Syringe Programmable
 Stoelting 53130, 53140, 53150  Yes

These pumps work perfectly with SyringePumpPro – Try it for yourself.

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