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If you build your own syringe pump – can SyringePumpPro control it?

To command pumps, SyringePumpPro sends ASCII commands over an RS232 connection to the controller inside laboratory and OEM pumps. For example, to get the pump to infuse 750mls per hour the command sent to the pump would be

RAT 750mh

The pump receives this command and then performs the electronic and thus the mechanical operations to effect that pumping rate.

You will need a micro-controller based design. Then using my software with your syringe pump will be fairly straight forward. When you create the software for your pump’s microprocessor, simply write your code to implement the some or as much as you need of the command set for a New Era System’s Syringe Pump over the RS232 connection, or create your own command set and send them to me. We can talk about implementation at that point.

You will need to give your pump a unique version message in response to a VER command.  Then will need to let me know what your pump response will be to the VER command so that I may update SyringePumpPro so that it recognizes your new make and model of Syringe Pump . You will also need to provide me with some technical specifications such as the range of syringes, and the pressures your mechanism generates.

Have you built a DIY Syringe Pump?

If you have – whether it be micro-controller (ASCII/rs232) controlled or not – please send me a link to your design.

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