Dual Pump Set

Dual reciprocating pumps

What is a Dual Pump Set?

A Dual pump set is used to create continuous flows. Two pumps are used in a reciprocating configuration. The pumps used are a special standalone configuration of the NE-1000, where the two pumps work in a reciprocating fashion. This is to produce a more precise continuous flow, with less pulsation and pauses in the flow at pump change over. The pumps operate on an internal pump program which is selected using the buttons on the pump.

This special mode of pumping addresses the issues of flow rate pauses and pressure drop off’s at the the change of pump that is often found with normally configured push pull syringe pump configurations.

What’s in a Dual Pump Set

First you get two NE-1000 (or NE-500) pumps. These are normal NE-1000 with the extended control software X upgrade installed. This provides extra pump programming features beyond the standard NE-1000. Hint: one of those features is the ability to do Dual Pump mode.

Dual pump continuous flow plumbing

Dual pump continuous flow plumbing

Dual Pump Syringe Plumbing

To plumb your dual pumps you will obviously need 2 syringes.

In addition 2 check valves are required to prevent the infusing pump filling the withdrawing pump. This forces the withdrawing pump to fill from the source rather than accept the infusing syringes output.

Save a few $

It’s actually cheaper to buy a dual pump set than it is to separately buy 2 NE-1000 pumps with the X upgrade – well it is as I write this. So it’s a good way to buy two NE-1000X model pumps for normal use.

Can I connect my computer to a Dual Pump Set?

I often find new purchasers of SyringePumpPro have purchased my software and cannot get the pumps to connect to their computer. They often see the first pump connected but not the second. They also see garbled information being displayed from the pump.

Is it possible to connect SyringePumpPro to a Dual Pump Set whilst it is in operation?

See  Using Continuous Infusion Pump Set with SyringePumpPro.

Can I Use a Dual Pump Set as Two Normal NE-1000 Pumps in a Pump Network?

Yes. You need a set of the standard cables and to take the pumps out of reciprocating mode. You can make your own cables.

What cables would I need?

This page outlines the cables you need to purchase to build a pump network with your Dual Pumps after they have been taken out of reciprocating mode. You can’t network these pumps with other pumps whilst they are configured as dual pumps.