32 NE-500 pumps connected to SyringePumpPro

32 pumps one SyringePumpPro

I am often asked

  • Can you connect more than one pump?
  • Can you mix manufacturers?
  • Can you mix pump models?
  • Can you mix syringe with peristaltic pumps?

Can you connect more than one pump at a time?

This photo is my answer – yes up to 100 pumps at the same time. There’s only 32 pumps connected in this photo. There is two sets of pumps arranged on the bench as a pair of prototypes of a new device – controlled by a single SyringePumpPro installation. (Update This device has moved on to the manufacture phase)

Can you mix pumps – brands, models and pump type – syringe and peristaltic?

Yes, Yes and Yes you can! Up to 100 pumps, any quantity of syringe or peristaltic and any number of models. If it’s on the compatible list – you can connect it. The limit of 100 pumps is a protocol/hardware limit, not a SyringePumpPro limit.

How do you do it?

Basically you need the right cabling, which you can buy or make, and your pumps all configured to a unique network address,

Last thing to know – the try version of SyringePumpPro will detect all correctly connected and configured pumps – FREE – FOREVER! So you don’t have to purchase a license until you know everything is working.


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