Congratulations and a shout to Prof Savas Kaya et al on the release of their new paper:

An Automated Perifusion System for Modifying Cell Culture Conditions over Time

In their work they used two syringe infusion pumps to deliver complex patterns of media/nutrients over time to cell cultures.

The automated syringe pump perifusion system (New Era Pump Systems, Inc., Farmingdale, NY, Model NO. NE-500) is a timed system that pumps solutions out in exact amounts in a perfectly timed manner that corresponds to a code created by the computer program SyringePumpProV1 (SyringePumpPro,  South Australia, Version

This paper does give some details of connecting pumps, writing pump programs and operating pumps with SyringePumpPro. It’s available under the Open Access program – so you can download it and read it.

Quoting from the paper:

Using the SyringePumpProV1 computer system, each individual pump can be set to flow at a given rate and time, which eliminates the need for the experiment to be monitored.