How do you power your pumps?

Every now and then I get an email from someone who has been handed a pump to use in a project with no cables and no powerpack. The powerpack’s are generic 12V units and as such often get redeployed to somewhere else. Leaving their pump behind. So what power does the pump need and what should you buy to supply that power?

If you need cables see this article.

This is easy! I have attached a photo which shows the US power supply. All you need is a 12Volt power pack capable of delivering 1Amp. It needs the correct size power connector. It needs to have a positive center or tip. You should be able to find such an item locally (where ever you are ). They are called a Barrel Plug. Mostly the pumps use 2.1mm plugs. Note I said mostly….

WARNING Older pumps such as the Genie and may use a smaller diameter barrel connector. I have one such pump in my collection and it’s always a pain to locate it’s special power supply.

A pump this old usually had a smaller plug (diameter) than the current models but the same style. When you purchase the power pack, you might need to take the pump to test the connector.

High Pressure Pump Owners

The high pressure pumps such as the NE-8000 require 24V. Just between you and me – they will run on 12V but they wont develop their pressure and may do all sorts of weird stuff as they starve for power.

Where to buy a pump power supply

Do you sell pump power supplies? I don’t sell them because they are heavy and cost a lot to post from Australia.

My Diy Pump Power Supply

I generally run 2 or 6 pumps on my bench and 6 powerpack is a real pain in the a**. So one day I found an old 12V power supply capable of delivering more than 300Watts which is more than 20Amps. This should be capable of supplying 20 pumps at the same time.

Can I just grab any old power supply?

Yes… No You need to be sure that it’s 12V – if you measure it and get say 14V I think you will be fine.

NO! Laptop power supplies cannot be used.

Laptop power supplies – that I have played with are all 19-24Volts. That’s double the recommended voltage – I have to say don’t do it. Some laptop supplies may be 12V and that would be ok.

Here in Australia, they look exactly like the one supplied with modems. In fact when desperate I have been known to use a modem power supply. Some of them measure at 15V. I only did it for a short duration, and not with the pump working at pressure. I don’t recomment this – remember I have a number of pumps so if I killed one…. AND I know a bloke who would repair it for free – right then and there from his spare parts collection. Your probably talking about risking your only pump that’s worth $100’s of dollars. Please be careful with your pump.