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How To Reset a Pump

Key Pad Models

  • Turn the pump off
  • Hold the right most arrow key down
  • Whilst holding the arrow key down, turn the power on and keep holding the arrow key down for 5 seconds.
  • Release the arrow key.

OEM Models – Button/Display less

Note the following OEM reset technique will work with Key Pad pumps too.

Note this method relies on working pump communications. To reset these pumps:

  • Connect only those pumps you wish to have reset.
  • Make sure they are connected correctly to your computer.
  • Start SyringePumpPro –
  • Wait for a moment for your pump to be detected. SyringePumpPro may detect none, one or more pumps. If you have pumps sharing a pump address you will see corrupted data being displayed.
  • Enter the command *RESET and send it.
  • If you have multiple pumps connected they will all now be configured for address 0 and you will see data corruption in the SyringePumpPro displays.
  • This will reset all your connected and powered on pumps. So if you have more than one pump connected you will need to manually set your pump addresses. See also: Connection Troubleshooting.
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