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Infusion Pump Stall Detection

When the plunger of your syringe strikes the syringe holder block - or 'bottoms' out, a large mechanical load is placed on the drive motor, the drive belt, the drive pulley, the drive screw, and the pusher block, The mechanical drive train 'stalls'. This doesn't happen with peristaltic pumps. Pumps come with and [...]

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Video: Introduction to Pump Programming

If you are new to pumps and pump programming and would like an introduction to the process, this video is for you. You will learn - How to read and write pump programs How to use the pump programming spreadsheet. How to manually enter a pump program using the front panel buttons on the [...]

Pump Maintenance for a Long Pump Life Time

Syringe Pumps and Peristaltic Pumps are computer controlled mechanical machines. They get dusty - even in clean environments. These great laboratory devices cost a lot of money - so you should look after them by performing some pump maintenance for a long pump life time. Reliability and repeat-ability of pumping flows are important to manufacturing [...]

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Loading A Syringe on Your Pump

VIDEO: Loading A Syringe on Your Pump This short video shows you how to load a syringe onto your syringe pump. Please note that the video starts with the both Syringe Retainer Thumbscrews loosened and the Syringe Retainer Bracket separated from the syringe v block ready to accept the [...]

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Low Pressure – wont stop when it hits the end

There comes a time in an old pump's life when it develops problems of low pressure. Is your syringe pump suffering from these symptoms? Low pressure - your pump doesn't deliver anything like the pressure the manufacturer claims Doesn't stop pumping when the syringe pusher block hits the end stop. Could be a stalling problem [...]

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