If you are new to pumps and pump programming and would like an introduction to the process, this video is for you.

You will learn –

  • How to read and write pump programs
  • How to use the pump programming spreadsheet.
  • How to manually enter a pump program using the front panel buttons on the pump.
  • How to upload a pump program using SyringePumpPro.

Pump Programming – Example 2

This video works through the example 2 pump program in the back of your Pump manual.

If you install SyringePumpPro, the manual is viewable by selecting

Pumps -> NE1000 Manual.

Compatible Pumps

This video will show you how to program pumps from

  • New Era Pump Systems
  • Aladdin from WPI
  • Cole-Parmer
  • Landgraf HLL
  • Next Advance
  • Protea Bioanalytical Biology
  • Stoelting
  • TSE Systems
  • YMC

Video Contents

This video starts by providing a quick walk through example 2 to familiarize the viewer with the programming task.

It then demonstrates using the PPL Spreadsheet to enter a PPL program.

The next section gives a very quick over-view of the pump buttons and their functionality.

Using the PPL file created earlier the video now shows how to enter the pump program through the pump buttons. An easy but repetitive, error prone process which takes considerable time.

The same PPL program is then uploaded using SyringePumpPro, demonstrating the significant time savings possible.


  1. The PPL programming spreadsheets are now accessible through the in program menus. PPL -> PPL Creator.
  2. This video was produced some time ago and shows a much older version of SyringePumpPro.

For more information about programming peristaltic and microfluidic infusion syringe pumps visit the SyringePumpPro website

Here’s the video on YouTube – please leave a comment!

Shout out to Andre – who asked the question that inspired me to finish this video.