In the beginning, manually programming your pump and getting started writing pump programs is a challenge! The initial learning curve is high. So much to learn. There’s plenty to learn about the programming language and how the pump operates. You just want to start getting results – now!  I can help you!

Pump Programming Spreadsheet

Pump Programming Spreadsheet

How SyringePumpPro Helps

SyringePumpPro installs:

  • Some very handy and easy to use pump programming spreadsheets. These are great when you get started – they really teach you the pump syntax.
  • Many examples for microfluidic infusion, infusion and peristaltic pumps.
  • Pump programming manuals covering the more popular brands of pumps.

There’s a Video!

This video gives an introduction to the pump programming process.


I Can Write Your Programs For You!








What I Provide

A fully tested PPL file. This means I run the PPL on a pump and check timing, rates and volumes. A fully documented pump program showing you where to modify rates, volumes and timing. All files are provided in a downloadable installer program, which installs the ppl files I have developed for you into your SyringePumpPro installation.

PPL Costing

Tell me about your task and I will give you a fixed quotation.

How I Do This

First I need to wrap my head around what exactly is needed from your PPL. So the first step is to have you write a short but detailed description of what the ppl will do – step by step.

I need to know about

  • Timing,
  • Syringe to be used,
  • External stimulus,
  • Pump model,
  • Description of injection signal etc.
  • A great diagram… you probably need all these things your final paper anyway – draw it up front – it helps!

I write and test with delays and rates that are 10x or 20x to test the PPL logic coding cycle and then I test at 1X and basically make sure the PPL takes long enough – and I do some spot checking during the run.

Turn Around Time – FAST!
Life permitting, I usually quote turn around times of about 3 days.