Does SyringePumpPro do gradient flows? Does SyringePumpPro do dependent gradient flows?

Gradient flows.

  • gradient flows are not made by SyringePumpPro.
  • They are made by the user programming the pump and then uploading those programs to the pumps. The uploading is achieved by using SyringePumpPro and my software shows what the pumps are doing whilst the pumps run.
  • Users who seek gradients usually purchase the X or X2 upgrade to the pumps they order, depending on what gradient they are looking for and what dependencies they require.

Dependent gradient flows….

  • How are they dependent?
  • That dependency is done by the programming of the pumps. My software uploads the programs and shows what the pumps are doing whilst they run.

What to do?

I do offer a pump programming service – I can estimate the fee once I have a very detailed description of the two dependent gradient flows. How do I specify my flows?
Pump programming – video showing how it’s done and SyringePumpPro in operation.
Questions? Contact me.