This section is titled Application Notes.

As folks all over the world download and purchase my software – they come back to me and ask for specific help with their pump’s application. I also build pumping applications for $. All of this means I am collecting some very useful tips and tricks for different applications of pumps.

These Application Notes are a place to capture my notes so that I may pass on what I have learnt or done. Over time, as I revisit applications I will add to these application specific notes.

When you read these application notes, bear in mind:

  • Any particular note is not written to solve your exact issue – so don’t read them expecting all the answers
  • I am not claiming expertise or experience in your field – only the control and operation of  pumps.
  • I am here  to help when I can – so if you cant find an answer to your problem – contact me.


If I have missed something or you know something that could be added to these notes – let me know. Let’s share our knowledge so that we can all get on with getting to the experimental outcomes.

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