Syringes and Tubing
Syringe and tubing for laboratory an oem pumps

Parts Of A Syringe

Part Name Definition  Plunger Flange The Plunger Flange bears the load of whatever is pushing the plunger. That might be your thumb or a syringe pump pusher block. The Plunger Flange is usually locked into the anti-siphon plate by the anti-siphon screw.  Plunger The shaft that connects the Plunger [...]

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Parts Of A Syringe Pump

Diagram and brief explanation of a the parts of a syringe pump, and their purpose. Part Name Description and Purpose Anti-Siphon Plate Adjustment Knob Finger screws are used to tighten the anti siphon plate against the syringe's plunger flange. End Plate Provides mechanical support for the guide rods [...]

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Loading A Syringe on Your Pump

VIDEO: Loading A Syringe on Your Pump This short video shows you how to load a syringe onto your syringe pump. Please note that the video starts with the both Syringe Retainer Thumbscrews loosened and the Syringe Retainer Bracket separated from the syringe v block ready to accept the [...]

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