VIDEO: Loading A Syringe on Your Pump

This short video shows you how to load a syringe onto your syringe pump. Please note that the video starts with the both Syringe Retainer Thumbscrews loosened and the Syringe Retainer Bracket separated from the syringe v block ready to accept the syringe’s Barrel Flange.

Not sure of the part names – see Parts of a Syringe Pump Diagram and Parts of a Syringe Diagram, which contains a diagram of the different Luer Lock types

Here is a table of the main things to look out for in the video and when they occur.



0:00 First lift the Syringe Clamp and rotate it out of the way
0:04 Lower your syringe into the (I have my tubing connected in this video, it’s easier to connect the tubing, fill the syringe)
0:11 Be sure to locate the syringes Plunger Flange between the pump’s Anti Siphon Plate and the Pump’s Pusher Block
0:14 Rotate the Syringe Clamp back to hold the syringe in the Syringe V block.
0:19 Tighten both Syringe Retainer Thumbscrews firmly but not over tight
0:23 Tighten the Siphon Plate Adjustment Knob until the Syringe Plunger Flange is firmly gripped in the Pusher Block

Loading Syringes in Infusion Pumps

Parts of a syringe pump
  1. Loosen the 2 thumbscrews on the syringe retainer bracket.
  2. Turn the Drive Release Knob ¼ turn clock-wise, then lift. Taking care not to drag the drive-nut on the drive-screw, slide the block away from the syringe holder, providing sufficient space for the loaded syringe. While lifting the knob, press on the middle of the side for easiest movement.
  3. Lift the syringe clamps above the syringe holder bracket and turn 1/4 turn and then lower onto the syringe holder bracket. The syringe clamp should be away from the ‘V’ slot.
  4. Load each syringe with the barrel over the syringe holder bracket and the syringe plunger towards the middle of the pump.Place the barrel on the syringe holder bracket, in the ‘V’ slot, with the barrel flange inserted between the syringe holder bracket and syringe retainer bracket.
  5. On the pusher block, turn the thumbscrew to make the slot large enough for the plunger flange. Adjust the pusher block position as needed towards the syringe plunger. Place each syringe plunger flange into a slot and against the anti-siphon plate.
  6. Lock the pusher block in place by turning the release knob counter-clockwise until secure.
  7. For each syringe, lift the syringe clamp to slightly above the height of the syringe barrel and turn the syringe holder 1/4 turn back to its original position and then lower it onto the syringe barrel.
  8. Firmly push in the syringe retainer bracket against the syringe barrel flanges and tighten the 2 thumb screws on the syringe retainer bracket. On the pusher block, turn the thumbscrews to tighten the plates against the plunger flanges

To unload the syringe, reverse the instructions for syringe loading.