Are you operating a pump – perhaps it’s your early days with the pump, and when you push the RUN button the pump seems to do weird stuff you never asked for?  Is your pump pre-loved? (pre-used?)

You might have one of three problems:

  1. Your pump has someone else’s program in it and your running that by accident.
  2. You have two pumps on the network sharing the same address.
  3. Your electro-spinning and the high voltage has escaped into the pump.

You probably have someone else’s pump program in your pump.

If you have someone else’s pump program in your pump, then you create a short say one line pump program without a stop command at the end of it, your pump will execute your one liner and then step into the other person’s code which is not what your expecting. Always make your last instruction a STP command.

How to get rid of other peoples pump programs

Easy do a pump reset. There are instructions here.

After a reset your pump still has a program in it! Yes – a reset puts a program  into your pump from the factory. It’s a very simple program, so that when you press the run button (if you have one) the pump will pump. Remember these pumps are programmable. When you upload a short program, you will overwrite the pump’s factory program.

Two Pumps Sharing the Same Network Address

This is easy to fix. Each pump needs it’s own address on the network. When two or more pumps share an address it’s like talking to two people with the same name – they both answer at the same time (or slightly different times) and what the pump says is garbled. You will typically see SyringePumpPro displays jumping around the cells shows wrong or incorrect information.

Follow these instructions to set your pump’s address.