If you want to prevent operators from changing pump programs accidentally…

are you using the best pump for your applicatoin. Button pumps are meant for programming and control. In a production environment with operators, you might want to choose button-less or OEM pumps.

I have entered the program in the pump, but I am unable to lock the program. The operators might press any key by mistake and the program might change, so just to make sure everything is ok, I have to lock the program.

I am not able to lock the program after entering actions in all the phases. I request you to please guide me on how to lock the program after entering actions in all the phases

As per your manual you have said that while starting the switch press and hold diameter key, I tried it several times and it never showed lock option. It showed PF, Ln, BP, etc. I am really confused, because in the manual you have given that program can be locked, but after trying several times I didn’t find that option.

I did reset and then finally the option P-L.n was seen, but after entering the program, it didn’t come up. Is it possible to lock the program after entering all the actions in different phases i.e. phase 1 to 5 and then locking it up. Please tell me the procedure to lock the program after entering program in the pump.

Locking pump programs

The software lock on pumps with buttons has some limitations. After all once you lock the buttons you cant change the pump. With a limited amount of buttons the software lock has to be limited. .

Normally when operators are to be involved with pumps, an OEM pump with no buttons at is used. This is where SyringePumpPro really shines – it provides the buttons for the button less OEM pump. It’s a necessity.

As you saw the software lock option is available on a reset pump and a pump that has one ppl phase of code entered. As soon as you have more than one phase of PPL in a buttoned pump, keypad locking is no longer offered – you have to use the locking device – the software lock is no longer offered as an option.

Locking buttoned pumps is easy done with the hardware key here. which can be manually connected/removed to lock/unlock the pump.

I hope this explains the issues surrounding locking the keyboard for you.

Easy done with the hardware key here
or in your code with the command
LOC [P] [ <on-off> ]
Set/query keypad lockout mode. Set keypad lockout disables changing any settings from the keypad
unless the “Lockout Disable Key” is inserted.
P [ <on-off> ]
Set/Query Program Entry Mode Lockout. Set Program Entry Mode Lockout prevents inexperienced
users from entering “Program Entry Mode” from the keypad. When enabled, only the Phase 1 ‘Rate’, ‘Volume’ and Pumping Direction can be changed. Cannot be enabled when the Pumping Program is currently programmed with a multiple Phase Program.


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