To Find Your Pumps Internal Software Version

  • Switch your pump off.
  • Press and hold the left most arrow key whilst turning on your pump.
  • The pump will display it’s software version in the form rX.YZ where X.YZ is the version number. This video shows 3.80

Does It Matter?

No. It has never mattered. In my testing I have had an occasion where two pumps with differing software versions returned a different result after a series of commands. The version numbers were important to me then for documentation. If I find these things, I add code in SyringePumpPro to return the expected results.

About Pump’s Internal Software (Firmware)

Like most modern devices with a computer chip in them, these pumps have internal software to implement their feature set.That software changes very slowly as new models are released.

There are 3 basic versions:


Fitted to all pumps – may have special features relevant to a particular model. For example, the standard software of the NE-1000 and NE-9000 are different because their hardware environment is very different. However many of the programming commands are identical.


This version is your standard software with extended features available – such as

  • Linear/Gradient Flow Rate Ramping
  • Reciprocating Pumping for Auto-Refill Applications
  • Base Pumping Rate and Volume
  • Increment and Decrement Functions
  • Stall Event
  • Program Sub-Routine Return

Download the X1 Addendum Documentation


This version is your standard software version with two extra features:

  • Increase the number of pump program steps from 41 to 340 (if you need this – you really need it!)
  • Supports one higher communications baud rate of 38400 ( which means you can mix Standard and X1 pumps with an X2 but you must use the normal baud rate of 19200 if you do.

Download the X1 Addendum Documentation

How To Update the Pump’s Internal Software

Unlike many other devices it is not intended that you update the software in your pump. The pumps use a one-time programming cpu chip – which means once they are loaded with software they cannot be updated.

Your only option should you decide you need an upgrade is to purchase an X1 or X2 update chip.