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Programming Multi Pump Recipies

PPL File Sets

A file set consists of a file for each pump and a master ppl file.

Multiple pump file sets

Multiple pump file sets

Continuing with the example, you would have a ppl file for each pump and for each recipe. If you had 6 recipes and 3 pumps, you would have 18 ppl files that need to be uploaded as a set of 3 ppl files.

Each recipe should have it’s own master file
The master file can be uploaded to any connected pump, and it will read in the ppl for each pump and upload it.

The master file:

  • Uploads each pumps ppl file to the correct pump
  • Clears inf and wdr counters on the pumps and on SyringePumpPro display
  • Then makes all pumps involved beep in chorus signaling that the upload is complete.
  • Limited user instructions/information can be displayed in the history window. Simple add comment lines at the end of the master ppl file. These will be placed in the history window.

PPL errors are reported, a missing pump is reported.

This makes it fairly easy for operators to be trained to upload the master.ppl for a recipe to any pump and wait for the pump choir as I call it. Then they can press Run All and they are pumping!

Some recipes may have one or more pumps doing the same thing – that’s fine – you can re-use child ppl files in multiple recipes.

Adding Operator Prompts

To leave some short instructions or operator feedback

Add some comment lines to the end of the master ppl file – like this:

; it's time to press the run all button
; When all the pumps beep together-
; Sequence 2 has been uploaded to the pumps

These comment lines will be displayed in the history window

Operator Instructions provided by the Master file

Operator Instructions provided by the Master file

Master PPL Example Listing

The following ppl program is an example of a master file, that uploads the three child files R1P1 (recipe 1 pump 1), R1P2, and R1P3 in to the pumps at address 0, 1, 2.

This example master ppl file can be uploaded to any one of the connected pumps and it will load each ppl file into it’s target pump, and zeros the infusion and withdrawn counters, ready to run the recipe.

As each pump completes it’s upload – it beeps (done at the end of the child ppl file for each pump) and when all ppl is uploaded, all pumps beep – done at the bottom of the master ppl file. Then it’s time to click Run All to start the pumps.

; Recipie1Master.ppl
; Date 15Jan2014
; Written by:
;          Tim Burgess
;          SyringePumpPro https://syringepumppro.com/
;          timb@syringepumppro.com
; The Master ppl file for Recipie 1
; This master ppl file will fetch and load the ppl for all 3 pumps
; To use:
; 1. Connect all pumps, make sure SyringePumpPro detects them
; 2. Upload this ppl file to ANY pump
; 3. In SyringePumpPro click Run All button
; Load the three pumping programs
; Pump 1

Set adr=0
call R1P1.ppl

; Pump 2

Set adr=1
call R1P2.ppl

; Pump 3

Set adr=2
call R1P3.ppl

; clear the pump's counters, update the SyringePumpPro pump worksheet




; When you hear the pump choir - we are finished ppl upload

; it's time to press the run all button
; When all the pumps beep together-
; Sequence 1 is being uploaded to the pumps.

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