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SyringePumpPro is used in a wide variety of applications and is sometimes cited in research papers. When I discover a SyringePumpPro citation, I list the paper in the table below. My idea is to help those of you who are planning to deploy a syringe pump (and my software?) locate some more resources which might give you ideas about how to implement your pumping requirements.

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TitleAuthorDescriptionBlog LinkDownload Link
Benzene Formation In Electronic CigarettesJames F. Pankow , Kilsun Kim, Kevin J. McWhirter, Wentai Luo, Jorge O. Escobedo, Robert M. Strongin, Anna K. Duell, David H. PeytonThe heating of the fluids used in electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) used to create “vaping” aerosols is capable of causing a wide range of degradation reaction products. We investigated formation of benzene (an important human carcinogen) from e-cigarette fluids containing propylene glycol (PG), glycerol (GL), benzoic acid, the flavor chemical benzaldehyde, and nicotine.Go to PostDownload Here
Electrochemical-Mechanical Analysis of Printed SilverElectrodes in a Microfluidic Device Abhinav M. Gaikwa, Joshua W. Gallaway, Divyaraj Desai, and Daniel A. SteingartGo to PostDownload Here
An Automated Perifusion System for Modifying Cell Culture Conditions over TimeNicholas B. Whitticar, Elisha W. Strahler, Parthiban Rajan, Savas Kaya and Craig S. NunemakerCells are continuously exposed to changes in their environment. Endocrine systems, in particular,communicate by rhythms and feedback loops. In this study, we developed an automated system to produce suchconditions for cultured cells in a precisely timed manner. We utilized a programmable pair of syringe pumps forinflow and a peristaltic pump for outflow to create rhythmic pulses at 5-min intervals in solutions that mimic theendogenous patterns of insulin produced by pancreatic islets as a test case.Go to PostDownload Here
Further studies in the electrochemical/mechanical strength of printed microbatteriesAbhinav Gaikwad, Daniel SteingartGo to PostDownload Here
New Paper Electrospinning PCL Scaffolds Manufacture for Three-Dimensional Breast Cancer Cell CultureMarc Rabionet, Marc Yeste, Teresa Puig, Joaquim CiuranaGo to PostDownload Here
Central GIP signaling stimulates peripheral GIP release and promotes insulin and pancreatic polypeptide secretion in nonhuman primatesPaul B. Higgins, Robert E. Shade, Irám P. Rodríguez-Sánchez, Magdalena Garcia-Forey, M. Elizabeth Tejero, V. Saroja Voruganti, Shelley A. Cole, Anthony G.Comuzzie, Franco FolliGo to PostDownload Here
Silicone Elastomer-Based Combinatorial Biomaterial Gradients for High Throughput Screening of Cell-Substrate InteractionsGreeshma MohanGo to PostDownload Here
PNAS paper Choe et al. 10.1073/pnas.1213594110
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaGo to PostDownload Here