This page introduces you to the front panel controls on your pump. If you have an OEM pump, there will be no controls on the front panel and you can only control the pump from a computer, using a terminal application or SyringePumpPro.

Pumps with front panel controls can be operated via computer in the exactly the same way as an OEM pump. You will need computer interface cables.

Grab the manual for your pump

To get a deeper discussion on what your pump does in response to these buttons, and the interpretation of the information displayed (not in an OEM pump) grab your pump’s manual from here.



RS-232 Indicator Small triangle in top left hand side of display. Indicates a connected RS-232 cable. It is possible for this to illuminate and communications do not work. See Pump Addressing
Units Indicators Led to indicates the pumping units uL, mL pL (varies with pump model)
Indicator Led’s to indicate units and what information is currently displayed on the LCD display.
Pumping Direction Indicator Indicates if pump is infusing or withdrawing. May not be pumping at the time.
Motor Operating Pump is pumping when lit.
Pumping Direction Key  One press toggles between infusing and withdrawing.
Program Entry Keys  Keys used to enter pump programs.
Decimal Point (Press 2 keys) To move the decimal point when entering numbers.