• 3rd party library update. And a later edition of the second 3rd party library update – sheesh!

  • Update to the documentation tool I use.

  • Bug fixed: Leading digit of pump diameter in drop down discarded. Wrong diameter sent to pump. Wrong infusion rates.

  • Bug fix: pump at address -50 from send command box.

  • Bug fix: NE-9000 tubing settings several problems

  • Bug fix: Don’t allow setting of tubing diameters on infusion pump and syringe diameters in peristaltic pumps.

New Features

  • Expanded help content

  • Improved Run/Stop/Pause logic between selected pump and All buttons

  • Matured support for  Peristaltic pumps.

  • Support later versions of software in pumps.

  • More events reported in History Window and log file.