New Era Pump Systems Inc. A pump manufacturer located in the USA. Manufactures syringe and peristaltic programmable pumps. Very wide range of pump options available.

Pump Network Parts List

What cables and things do your need to connect your pumps to your computer? Here's the items you need. When one or more pumps are connected to your computer, we refer to the interconnecting cabling and USB-RS232 adapter as a pump network. Are you trying to figure out what cables you need to connect [...]

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Video: Introduction to Pump Programming

If you are new to pumps and pump programming and would like an introduction to the process, this video is for you. You will learn - How to read and write pump programs How to use the pump programming spreadsheet. How to manually enter a pump program using the front panel buttons on the [...]

What to try when 41 program steps run out

Programmable syringe pumps have a limited number of program steps. Basically they only have so much on board memory available. What are some techniques for growing past this limit? Sometimes your pump program grows and then grows and then grows and suddenly 41 steps becomes a limitation. This limitation is like colliding with a brick [...]

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How To Specify Your Flow

drawing board Before you can start programming your pump, you need to understand the flow you require in detail. For a simple single rate and volume flow you hardly need to spend much time on this. But for wave form flows or flows involving interaction with the real world (triggers) you really need [...]

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Pump Commands

How does the pump communicate with a computer. Pump Communication Procedure Command Set Are you looking for a detailed explanation of the the available pump commands? Are you interested in the specific syntax of a pump command? They are explained in detail in your pump manual. I am considering offering pump programming training here, are [...]

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Easy PPL Files – Programming Spreadsheet

There is an easy way to create Pump Programs! Use the PPL Creator spreadsheet which is installed with SyringePumpPro. PPL Creator is supplied by New Era Pumps. It is easy to use but you still need to be familiar with how the pump works, and the pump commands in order to write programs for [...]

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