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What to try when 41 program steps run out

Programmable syringe pumps have a limited number of program steps. Basically they only have so much on board memory available. What are some techniques for growing past this limit? Sometimes your pump program grows and then grows and then grows and suddenly 41 steps becomes a limitation. This limitation is like colliding with a brick [...]

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Peristaltic Precision update

Just released today SyringePumpPro Peristaltic Precision update to support the release last week of New Era Pump Systems updated NE9000. The new Green head offers slower and finer flows and is now supported by SyringePumpPro. This is a free update for all owners of SyringePumpPro. Try users may install this update and receive a further [...]

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I need more than 41 pumping phases

If you are writing a pump program - you can discover that the 41 available programming phases is not enough. There are several ways around this. Here's some suggestions and some links to help you: Is your code bloated? - are you doing unnecessary operations - eliminate them. Can you see a sequence of instructions [...]

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