Cole-Parmer provides a complete range of fluid handling and analysis products worldwide.

Some of their laboratory pumps are supported by SyringePumpPro.

Paper: Bio-material Gradients

Shout out to Greeshma Mohan a recent SyringePumpPro owner who has published a paper titled Silicone Elastomer-Based Combinatorial Biomaterial Gradients for High Throughput Screening of Cell-Substrate Interactions. Greeshma is currently working at the University of South Florida. Pictured here are two New Era Syringe pumps working with a Harvard Apparatus syringe pump in support of [...]

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What to try when 41 program steps run out

Programmable syringe pumps have a limited number of program steps. Basically they only have so much on board memory available. What are some techniques for growing past this limit? Sometimes your pump program grows and then grows and then grows and suddenly 41 steps becomes a limitation. This limitation is like colliding with a brick [...]

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Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pump Software

Software for your Harvard Syringe Pump SyringePumpPro doesn't currently support the Harvard programmable pumps range of products. I do have several examples on hand as I plan to include support for them in the future. If you would like to see Harvard pumps supported by SyringePumpPro, contact me. The more requests for support I get [...]

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