Braintree Scientific, Inc. provides research equipment and support for medical researchers. Several of their laboratory pump products are fully supported by SyringePumpPro.

Lovin’ your NE-500 Syringe Pump OEM

I thought I would put together a few words about NE-500 pumps and it’s cousins the NE-4500, and the variations of this pump that are available. These pumps are intended for OEM applications, that is to be built into newly designed equipment, and operated by software control only. They have no front panel display and [...]

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DIY your own Electro-spinning device

Open source electrospinning equipment Want to build your own Electro-spinning device? Take a look at Assistant Professor Eric Lima's page for plans and videos. Note pump used is a Braintree Scientific which is compatible with SyringePumpPro. If you do try this - take care with the high voltages - pumps, computers and people [...]

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Pump Commands

How does the pump communicate with a computer. Pump Communication Procedure Command Set Are you looking for a detailed explanation of the the available pump commands? Are you interested in the specific syntax of a pump command? They are explained in detail in your pump manual. I am considering offering pump programming training here, are [...]

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Braintree Scientific

BS-Series Programmable Syringe Pumps Braintree Scientific has low cost syringe pumps in stock for use in biomedical research laboratories! Built for Automation - Operates stand-alone or from a computer. Infusion and withdrawal, set a single pumping rate, set a dispensing volume, or program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing [...]

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