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Occasional news and technical information as it happens here at SyringePumpPro.

Silver Electrodes in a Microfluidic Device

Electrochemical-Mechanical Analysis of Printed Silver Electrodes in a Microfluidic Device Abhinav M. Gaikwa, Joshua W. Gallaway, Divyaraj Desai, and Daniel A. Steingart The City College of New York, The Energy Institute, New York, New York 10031, USA Published in Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 158 2 You can read it here [...]

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Automated Perifusion System

Congratulations and a shout to Prof Savas Kaya et al on the release of their new paper: An Automated Perifusion System for Modifying Cell Culture Conditions over Time In their work they used two syringe infusion pumps to deliver complex patterns of media/nutrients over time to cell cultures. The automated syringe [...]

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DIY Syringe Pump – Outrageous Claims

I fully support the clever people making open source syringe pumps. But I don't support some of their outrageous claims. Worse still nobody ever seems to challenge them. None of this page is intended to be an attack on any person or project - but some of these claims - WOW! If you wish to [...]

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Make Your Own Pump – What Skills and Challenges?

What challenges will you face - making your own pump. Here are the some of the major skill sets you will need to build a DIY pump. 3d printing - setup, stl files, printing, diagnosing printing faults - warped prints, light weight prints, cleaning up the printed part to acheive parts fit. CAD skills [...]

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TERMIS-AM 2016 Avectas Spraybase Stand

TERMIS-AM is an annual meeting held in America each year, that brings together researchers, trainees, administrators from academia, government, and industry to discuss developments in the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine field. It's a great venue for innovation and ideas in the fields of tissue engineering, biomaterials, stem cells, and regenerative medicine. Spraybase has a [...]

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At WBC2016 World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal

SyringePumpPro will be at the 2016 World Biomatierals Congress in Montreal later this month! Sadly I personally won't be attending, but Ellen and the Spraybase Team will be there demonstrating their wonderful electro-spraying and electro-spinning equipment, which uses SyringePumpPro to control the infusion pumps they use. See Spraybase (and my SyringePumpPro) at booth 1313. [...]

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32 Connected Pumps

32 pumps - One SyringePumpPro installation How many pumps can be connected to a pump network? Can you connect to different pump models and brands? Most manufacturers support 100 pumps connected at the same time. I have never seen 100 pumps in the same room let alone connected together in a single network. [...]

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Electrospinning Electrospraying with Spraybase

Spraybase® is the world’s first integrated, fully customizable benchtop instrument that allows researchers to perform electrospinning and electrospraying with a diverse range of polymers, proteins, biologics and more. Thier products are designed for unparalleled ease of use, safety, reproducibility and flexibility. Electrospraying, which produces nanoparticles and electrospinning, which produces nanofibers, are among the most promising new [...]

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PNAS paper Choe et al. 10.1073/pnas.1213594110

pnas.201213594SI Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Choe et al. 10.1073/pnas.1213594110 Keywords Mice, temperature controlled quarters, 12-h light and12-h dark photo-period, fed standard mouse chow, measurement of GnRH secretion, bio-luminescence monitoring, perifusion device, POA slice cultures, ultradian rhythm Pumps used: "Two NE-1000 syringe pumps controlled [...]

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Peristaltic Precision update

Just released today SyringePumpPro Peristaltic Precision update to support the release last week of New Era Pump Systems updated NE9000. The new Green head offers slower and finer flows and is now supported by SyringePumpPro. This is a free update for all owners of SyringePumpPro. Try users may install this update and receive a further [...]

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