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As the author of SyringePumpPro products I have been involved with laboratory pumps for about 10 years now. My career spans electronics, avionics, programming, teaching, research and development laboratory experience, and even television.

Lovin’ your NE-500 Syringe Pump OEM

I thought I would put together a few words about NE-500 pumps and it’s cousins the NE-4500, and the variations of this pump that are available. These pumps are intended for OEM applications, that is to be built into newly designed equipment, and operated by software control only. They have no front panel display and [...]

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Parts Of A Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pumps vary their flow rate by changing their rotor turning speed and by changing the number of rollers fitted to the rotor. Part Definition Cassette Removable shell that contains the tubing and rotor - during operation the tubing will need to be replaces as it wears. Shaft  This shaft [...]

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New Brochure uploaded

We published a new brochure yesterday! Download it from our home page. The brochure shows a screen shot of our laboratory pump control software aims to quickly give you an idea of what SyringePumpPro can do for your pump operations. Faster, more sophisticated, repeatable results in the lab. SyringePumpPro Brochure Includes [...]

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What license key should you purchase?

The following diagram explains the SyringePumpProV1 license key and helps you choose which license is right for you. Key represents the license key you will purchase with the number of pumps indicated on it. Every computer needs it's own license key. 3 computers need three license keys. 1 computer, 1 pump, a license [...]

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Multiple Pumps – Synchronization

Good/Bad - Um? Depends what your looking for. I'd prefer simple sync and complex sync. The master ppl file setup - I love. Each pump's code is a separate file - that's great programming technique. Makes it easy to test each ppl file separately. Multiple pump file sets Syncing - Simple syncing is [...]

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How to Find Your Machine ID

Let's get your copy of SyringePumpPro installed and activated. Download SyringePumpPro  from the SyringePumpPro website. The try version is the full version of the software, which your license key will unlock. Install the software on the computer to be used with your syringe pump(s) connected. Your purchase is for one license key assigned to the [...]

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Save time and money by buying the correct license

Interesting and common customer query this week..... I was interested in purchasing a license for the NE-511 models we have gotten. We are planning to use 2 pumps connected to 1 PC, not necessarily simultaneously running at the same time (it will be programmed to run 1 pump first before the other one starts). Which [...]

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V1 File Permissions in Restrictive Environments

A few customers (notably in Universities and Government organizations) are reporting difficulties with installations that are file permissions related. This article is designed for showing the IT person what permissions to set where so that SyringePumpPro can run. Notes for the IT person Locate this directory for the user account which is to be used [...]

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V1 License Key Installation Instructions

Activating your SyringePumpPro License Key This page will show you how to download, install and license your copy of SyringePumpPro. If your trying SyringePumpPro you can skip the licensing instructions. Download SyringePumpPro  from the SyringePumpPro website. The try version is the full version of the software, which your license key will unlock. Install SyringePumpPro on [...]

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